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If you are currently a Vivo User, then don’t worry if at any time your gadget is damaged because there is a Vivo Service Center service. ¬†Although not too long in Indonesia, but the development experienced by Vivo is very rapid. This is none other than customers who always entrust this product.


Since 2014, Vivo has set foot in Indonesia. It didn’t take long enough for the product to be felt by all Indonesian people from various regions. A rapid development by the company due to the problem of gadgets is very competitive in the country.


Until finally because of the trust given by consumers, vivo decided to present Vivo service center. As is generally a technology product that requires  an official place of repair. This is because only related companies understand the part of each mobile phone issued.


The presence of the service center not only opens opportunities for customers to freely submit complaints but also opens opportunities for Indonesian people to take part as employees in the field. Both are equally profitable.


How to Contact Vivo Service Center Service

As a form that consumer satisfaction is part of what the company wants, you can contact Vivo Service Center in various ways. The first way is that you can complain via chat on vivo’s official WhatsApp account. In addition, you can also contact through chat support which you can find on vivo’s official website.


Then another way is to call using a public phone or mobile phone at 0821-5089-0638. But you have to prepare a pulse so that when you are talking it is not cut off in the middle of the conversation. Vivo Service Center has a clock to receive different customer complaints.


If you want to contact via Chat Support, it will be served from Monday to Friday at 10.30 to 17.30 WIB. Then if you want to contact via WhatsApp, Vivo will serve from Monday to Sunday from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB. While on the phone on Monday to Sunday at 09.00 to 18.00 WIB.


It is different if you complain about problems related to your gadget through vivo official email. Then there are no limited hours and days to submit complaints, but it will still be replied according to the hours and performance of Vivo employees. You just need to adjust according to the urgency of your problem.


But if you want your problem to be answered immediately and given a solution, then our advice is to go directly to the location of the service center. Then there you will be in direct contact face to face with Vivo employees. The problem will also be resolved immediately.


Service Price List at Vivo Service Center

Actually, the price of the services provided by Vivo Service Center varies. Depending on the type of damage and also the type of vivo phone that is problematic. In the vivo S Pro Series mobile phone type, the repair price starts from 79 thousand to 1.67 million. The most expensive repair price if your smartphone’s main board is experiencing problems.


Then for the Vivo S1 Series mobile phone type has a repair price from the range of 97 thousand to 1.56 million rupiah. Where the cheapest repair price is found on the headset and the most expensive remains on the main board repair. Like humans, the main board is the brain of a mobile phone so that if you experience problems it will cost a lot of money.


Furthermore, the service price for the serious vivo Z1 Pro mobile phone type is in the range of 98 thousand to 1.7 million. The price given is actually not too far away both for vivo X, Y, and V series phones.


Seeing the price that is not cheap by Vivo Service Center then actually you need to do care and use carefully so as not to damage your mobile phone. Especially until the damage is on the mainboard. Then the money you have to prepare can reach millions of rupiah. Of course, this is not a small amount of money.


How to Check Vivo Service Center Location

Customer trust from year to year makes Vivo have service centers that have spread throughout the city of Indonesia. This is because every scattered customer wants to get repairs directly at vivo’s official store if they experience some problems with the performance of their mobile phones.


You can check if there is a Vivo Service Center in your city or in your nearest city. This is to keep yourgadgets in check so that you can directly convey through the complaint service and then bring it for repair at the nearest service center.

How to check the location of Vivo Service Center is to visit the official Vivo website. Visit vivo.vom/en/support/service-center web then you can directly choose your location or the one closest to you. When you have finished selecting the area, then the full address of the store will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone or laptop.


Vivo products that are already known by all indonesian peoplebecause the price range given is quite fitting in the pockets of the People of Indonesia. This is the reason why Vivo is fast in developing store branches in every region of Indonesia so that it can be reached.


If you are looking for the location of Vivo Service Center close to your city on their official website, then then there will be office working hours and office phone numbers that you can call. You can use it to contact first whether your mobile phone problem can be solved by their side.


Requirements to Become an Employee at Vivo Service Center

Vivo also opens vacancies for those of you who want to pursue a career in the company. But you can only work in an Indonesian branch company. As is known that Vivo is a mobile phone product produced officially by the State of China and not Indonesia. However, it has an official branch in Indonesia.


If you want to pursue a career and have the opportunity as an employee of Vivo Service Center field. Then the opportunity opens up greatly. You just need to visit the official vivo website and choose the choice of vivo carrer and jobs. If you are receiving a vacancy, there will be a Junior Supervisor Customer Service section.


The position is in the Field of After Service which means you will work in a field that repairs gadgets if there are complaints. But of course the condition is the field of work or graduates you must be related like IT graduates for example. You need work experience or a degree related to this.


You can do monitoring from several platforms that divide related job openings. If you are lucky then the position you want you will meet and immediately register if the qualifications have been fulfilled. Don’t be afraid to fight before you try.


You can only be a connoisseur of the products produced or take part in developing existing products. Both are good because both contribute to vivo company. Working at Vivo Service Center also helps the problems experienced by consumers in their mobile phones.

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