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Western Javanese Cireng Recipe can be created as you like

Many of the usual Western Java cireng resep are  trying to find it.   Cireng long-processed foods have a place in the heart of foodies; the foods prepared last year, of course, have a history of their own development to this day it has been created as a variety of other preparations.

But there are  actually some  special tricks  that you need to understand really well to succeed in making delicious cireng. Usually the most common problem is when the condition of cireng cools and turns hard to eat hard to eat.This can definitely happen because the processing process is not correct.

Using Western Javanese cireng cuisine properly will not be enough, but you also need to know other appropriate methods.By this way the cireng you do certainly won’t fail and can be enjoyed as an interesting meal in the afternoon.Moreover, this dessert is really interesting to try even if many people have sold in the market   .

History of Cireng Snacks, West Java

In fact, this cireng has been around since the 1970s and is used as a roadside snack at this time. The sellerist is a street vendor so it can be easily found in many locations. This cooking is also a very simple foundation because it is only from tapioca flour, fried, and then served with the addition of its signature spices.

But typically casual foodfrom various regions in Indonesia also has its own interesting stories for you to know. In the West Java region, especially Bandung, it is known that many of the delicacies come from tapioca raw materials in addition to cireng. Even these dishes are also famous in other regions.

At the time, it was really difficult for people in the West Java region to get food ingredients such as bread, rice, rice. So, they are looking for ways to make foods that can be obtained well by living various lives. Then the western Javanese cireng dish was first created.

This dish was chosen because the basic ingredient is tapioca flour, which is cooked from cassava. Then the longer it ends, the processed caucasus will become a variety of foods, of course, interesting and cheap for the surrounding community to receive; for example, many are known as cimol, seblak, silok, etc.

A prominent feature of this dish is its use of abbreviations. This is truly workable because of the tendency of people’s thinking patterns in Western Java to be easier and easier. This way chooses to give a paragraph to a meal like one of them is this cireng.

Recipe for Easy Cireng Snacks

Indeed, there are many typical lyric cireng dishes of Western Java , but you have to pay close attention that one is the most appropriate. of course, later also related to the success of the subsequent production process. So you can try to use recipes that are deemed best suited to be used as a staymain of homemade foods.

You need to mix starch, all purpose flour, and sliced leeks until smooth. It is then added with a fine cheese and spice as an added flavor. It can also provide additional flavors, pomegranates and salt as spices so that the taste of cireng will be more stable.

The proportion is kneaded using hot water and slowly stired. You have to make sure that the Western Javanese cireng dough recipe  is mixed well and crushed thoroughly. Next, it remains just a mixture of flour ready to become a flat shape or according to your creation and desire to give the results special as well.

When finished, just give the flour with hot oil. After all, it’s very easy and you can add season rojak, sambel, or other cocolan according to their taste as a pair when eating cireng later. Of course, it would be even more interesting if you could find your own creation for the cocoon.

Cireng Making Tricks Without Failure

In the typical Javanese cireng diet , of course, there are different secrets that you can try to use so that the outcome later won’t fail. In this case, of course, it’s more about cooking the flour until it is flushed so that later it can notbe hard to eat. so that later it can be eaten comfortably by anyone, especially with a little crust to be more tasty.

To make the flour mix, it’s a good idea to use warm water.This recommendation aims to make the flour become more mixed with the highest and later it can be like glue.This is a good flour produced to make cireng tasty and manageable, not even if it is already in a cold state after frying.

Also avoid stirring the flour for too long because this will make it harder later too. Just make sure the flour is made until it is smooth, just to taste. In addition, make sure that the Western Javanese cireng dish you make is actually the right medicine so it can produce flavor according to each expectation.

Another trick you can try when refining the flour into the round is sprinkle your hands with flour. This method helps you simplify when creating it and doesn’t feel hot in your hands. If you want the result to crispier later, then you can also sprinkle the finished flour again with the tapioca flour before thenfrying. Don’t forget to make sure the oil is really hot and do a deep baking technique.

Unique and Interesting Cireng Recipe Creation

Currently, there are a series of processes that are emerging from  the basic dishes of  the  existing basic Javanese cireng.Of course, by the way you still have many options to develop according to your individual taste.Bananas or soybeans used as friends of this processed cireng are also varied, ranging from rojak cooking, super spicy chili sauce preparations, seblak soup, to meat soap.

Even today, what is widely done is not only cocolan or soup created, but also the addition of cireng dough. you can make cireng rice or stuffed cireng which gets additional ingredients such as chicken, sausage, tofu, to fish.It all depends on how you get creative with the recipe and make new preparations from the ingredients of this tapioca flour.

Of course, it’s going to be a lot of fun if you find a normal cireng recipe from  the new West Java and then very much liked by others.Of course, this can be a lucrative business opportunity for you to develop.It has its own modern cireng cuisine as a creation in the kitchen that can be enjoyed by your closest ones.

This meal is really delicious to enjoy tea or other drinks while gathering with family or other close relatives. It’s even becoming a promising business opportunity if you can process it well. So there’s no need to stick to the existing West Javanese cireng recipe, but try to discover new things from this popular dish.

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