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Lenovo Service Center can easily check the correction of your locations


As one of the largest brands, Lenovo’s service center checks the correction of its quite popular website . This brand, well known in the field of technology, already has a world market. The most famous products are PCs, tablets for mobile phones.

Lenovo brand products are really quite good in terms of specifications, but few are interested in them. This is because this product is still smaller than other brands. Even with a low-priced offer, it is quite difficult to attract this brand to attract the interest of many people in Indonesia.

Another problem is that this brand is still considered to have few service centers. It exists only in such large cities as Jakarta, and is quite difficult for owners in small areas. This reason means that many do not want to buy it. In the event of a breakdown, it will certainly be difficult to repair it.

In the meantime, if you force repairs in other service centers, there may be other problems. For example, you cannot claim product liability for damages. This is really difficult for owners who suddenly experience problems. Therefore , c Enter Service Lenovo will check  to correct its location in order to solve the problem.

Meet lenovo brand products

Lenovo has long been present in Indonesia and has produced various types of products. Among the most popular are computers, mobile phones and tablets. The presenceof n ya is sufficient to diversify the competition for the Indonesian technology market. Present a low price in order to attract interest and desire to others to buy it.

The prices offered for each product of technology are very different. In general, some of them are offered at low prices to get a lot of customers. However, the specifics of each product are not inferior to other brands. Low prices can only be blamed for quality problems with other major Indonesian technology brands.

But despite offering a low price with high specifications, Lenovo is still less competitive. This is because there is still a shortage of official service centers built in Indonesia. There are only a few of them, and it was built only for large cities. However, the problem for the service center is that it is important for the future.

Therefore, it is important to check with the Lenovo service center to check the correction of its location . Especially when there are technical problems such as sudden death when using one of these products. Of course, it will be safer to take it to the service center, and the warranty will allow you to enjoy spare parts.

Multiple Lenovo Service Center Locations

Where does the service center stand? Perhaps there are a lot of such questions, because most people are looking for a difficult period. Lenovo service center not only checks the correction of its own location in Jakarta . But in fact, service centers exist only around Jakarta, such as Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok.

  1. Iacárta

For those who are in Jakarta, of course, you don’t have to worry about the service center. In east Jakarta, the location of the Lenovo service center is located. Some attractions offer these services despite the fact that now few people visit. You can meet him at PGC or Junction.


  1. Tangerang

SDC Mall Serpong is Lenovo’s service center that checks for  corrections to its location in Tangierang. This space can be used to repair damage to damaged laptops, mobile phones or tablets. Of course, this place works every day at certain times, because it is still a pandemic. Although the cost usually varies depending on the damage.


  1. Depók

For Lenovo users located in and around the Depok area, ITC Depok can be a place to visit. It is located exactly on the 3rd floor and is quite easy to find, because it is easy to see the location. If you want to go there, you can only call 021-6634-7726 during working hours and days.


  1. Bekasi

As one of the buffer areas of the capital, Bekasi also provides a Lenovo service center to check for corrections to its certified location . Even here you can find more than 1 place, first in mega Bekasi Mall, and second in Metropolitan Mall. Both are quite easy to find as they are clearly visible.


  1. Kalimantan

In addition to the java island around Jakarta, service centers are also being built. But, unfortunately, the place is located only on the island of Kalimantan. Although there are cities here that give samarinda under the name Balikpapan. Only large cities in each province can find a service center.

How to Get An Official Lenovo Warranty

After completing the Lenovo service center, check the correction of the site, and then you will know in advance what type of warranty the device has. Although there is an official warranty, there are several types of guarantees that run the deadline. This will be difficult to do later, since it will require additional costs when carrying out repairs.

There are several ways to view the warranty period of the product. The warranty period is the period within which repairs can be carried out without spending money. The first is to check the official Lenovo website. Visit Lenovo Mobile, and later a dialog box will pop up.

Fill in the dialog box with the IMEI number of the product. For example, if you want to repair your phone, you should check your phone’s IMEI code first. Later, after entering the dialog box, you can proceed to the next step. Remember, do not enter the wrong IMEI number code.

The next step is to click on the Check warranty period button. Wait a while, and then the data will appear on your phone’s product. It contains complete information, such as purchase date, expiration, phone specifications. So, it is quite easy to detect when the warranty period expires when you want to repair your phone.

There is something unique about the fact that lenovo’s service center checks for the correction of its location, which is the tolerance of the warranty period limit. After entering the deadline period and no longer have a warranty, but the service center provides a tolerance for 1 month. So during this period of tolerance, you can still enjoy the facilities.

Warranty Policy Service Information

Each brand and company must have its own warranty policy. The same is true of Lenovo, which has certain policy services. There are several service policies that every user of Lenovo products should understand. These directives may be in the form of the availability of spare parts, the duration of product repairs, a special warranty policy.

For example , the length of the repair time. Repair time is usually adjusted to the queue and usually takes 7 business days. This means that if you hand over your phone or laptop on Monday, you will pick it up the following Monday. But depending on the degree of damage, it can also be faster.

Warranty services policies also apply. Once you have modified the product, adding or extracting parts will affect the repairs. No parts outside of coverage receive a warranty from the official warranty service of the service center.

In fact, Lenovo is one of the technology products that has many new products. It is simply that the availability of services in still small service centers makes it less attractive to most people. While the Lenovo service center checks for the correction of the location that can be done , the location is located only in most of the city.

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