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Permata dan Permata Syariah Bank Code, important for trading

The Permata and  Permata  Syariah bank codes required  during an interbank transaction  are often sought after by customers.   Considering it these days,  the  needs of the community are becoming more and more diverse.   Therefore, interbank transactions are also often carried out.    That’s why  each bank  owns a  different code to make the  various processes easier.

Typically, the code used by  the  banks of Permata and Permata Syariah also consists of three  numbers.   This code  can be found during transactions using ATMs or m-banking   .  However, in order to make it faster,  sometimes many people  prefer  to search  through the search  page.

Later, the code may work on multiple types of transactions.  k amu is  most common when transferring money from other banks.   In addition, it can  also  be  used when  kamu charges  DANA via ATM  . DANA itself is now an  increasingly used digital wallet.

Permata and Permata Syariah bank codes,  used for interbank transfers

Because  the principles and  operations are different  , the banking codes of the Fermata and Fermata Siaria are still  different.   Although both exist in the  same  shade.  The bank of Permata itself has the code “013”.  Siaria is “784” while in Fermata.

However, the use of jewelry and Sharia jewelry bank codes is  certainly still the same.   Different types of bank  customers are  used precisely  when Hendak transacts with two types of banks.  It’s  all possible through  ATM, e-banking, SMS banking and other services.  It   is commonly used when making cash transfers between banks.

When  using a shared ATM, customers should  still use this code.  The shared ATM  itself is a  machine that can  be used for  transactions of various banks.  But in fact, if  k amu goes to another bank, then this code is  still needed.

In addition to the above two codes,  there are a few other  numbers that Permata  customers need to be aware of, especially existing ngs   that are  not Shariah. This is the  code when populating  DANA.   If the number  you need to  add before  the  DANA  phone number when charging is “8528”

How to charge DANA via ATM, bank code jewelry and Permata Syariah are also required.

How  to  charge DANA via ATM requires  a Permata bank  code,  and the diantara is:

  1. Insert the card into the

How to  replenish the bank codes of permata and permata syariah, of course, insert the card into your computer. Make sure the location is correct so that you can follow these steps. Choose the language that is easiest to understand. Be careful when you fill in your PIN and do it. Keep your PIN secure and only you know it.

  1. Pilih transactions and writing code

Next is to  choose  the type of transaction you want to perform.   Click on the “Other Transactions” option  and then choose “Send”. Then  type  the code bank Permata (“013”). Then fill in the number “8528” followed by   the DANA number that will be  filled in the balance  .  An example of  writing is  852808xxxxxxx.

  1. Write down the maximum amount.

Now you can  write down the nomenclature you want to  put on  your DANA scale.  The  minimum nominal  is Rp10,000,-. so the kamu must  fill or exceed that amount. Then  select the  source of the payment.   After the transaction details  appear, you  can select “Yes”  if it is correct.

  1. Complete the transaction

Now that the transaction  is  complete,  make sure that  kamu is  notified that the  transaction was successful.   Now, all you have to do is to select the “Cancel”  button on your computer  to fix the problem.   Then the kamu card will come out automatically.   If you don’t want to misuse the  card,  don’t forget to take it and save  it.



There are also  methods you can take to charge DANA  via Permata Internet Banking.

  1. Go to the official website

First of all, go to the  official  website  in  You  can do it through any browser.   Do this through a laptop,  computer, phone, tablet, or other device.    Of course, this can   only be  done if you have  opened an account in advance.

  1. Enter your user ID and select Transaction.

Once the  website has opened successfully, all you have to do is to enter the  user ID provided earlier. Also, enter your account password.     Later, the kamu leads directly to the main display.   Now it’s time  to choose the type  of transaction.  Select the “Send Money”  menu and then click “As  another bank  “.   Next, click on the “Online” option.

  1. Enter your fund number

Later, kamu puts a tick in the “Enter a new account”  menu.   Here you choose  Fermata as the destination of  your bank.   Write  a Permata bank code to  charge  your DANA (  8528). Of course, follow  the  phone number registered with DANA  .   For example, write down 852808xxx (phone number).

  1. Supplement Balance

After  finishing  some of the  steps  above  , you  can now fill in  how much nominal  content  you have.  The  minimum itself is IDR 10,000,-.   So the kamu can fill or exceed  that nominal  one.   Meanwhile,  according to the provisions, the maximum  monthly balance of  DANA is IDR 20,000,000,-.

  1. Enter SMS Token

The last step is for kamu to get the SMS token   .   Enter the token  via your smartphone.   Once the transaction is confirmed, your DANA  balance will be filled.   Of course,  don’t  forget to quit  internet banking, especially  when  you’re  not using your personal  device.

How to Transfer from Another Bank ATM Using a Permata Syariah Bank Code

Here’s how to transfer from an  ATM  using a code from your bank Permata Syariah:

  1. Insert the card into the

In addition  to charging  DANA, it  also provides  an  overview of  how  to  transfer  to the permata  and permata Syariah bank codes of  other banks, especially when using an ATM. The first step, of course, is to insert your own card.   Don’t forget to  place the card properly so that transactions  can occur in the future.

  1. Select a language and fill in a pin

Now  choose the  language you  want to use and  use the  one  you understand best, such as  Indonesian.   Only then do you enter your PIN and card.  Typically, all banks  use  6 digits   in their customer PINs.  For  security considerations, make sure that no one is  viewing your  PIN.

  1. Choose a trade type

Now  it’s time  to choose the type of trade you want.    This  may vary depending on the ATM you are  using.   However, usually  you can tap the menu  “Transfer to another bank”.   In general,  the client must  first  select the option “Other Trades”.  There  is also a  menu  that displays the bank  code you want to go  to later.

  1. Replenish the account that needs to be resolved

But sometimes customers are too lazy to find the code one  by one.   You can then immediately enter  the  Permata Syariah bank code  , which is the “784”  added along with the destination account number.    After that, you  can fill in how  much nominal money you want to spend.   As an additional  information,  these interbank transactions are subject to an additional fee.

  1. Complete the transaction

The  details appear first before  the transaction with the bank code of permata and permata syariah is processed.   That is, the name of the  account holder, the name  of the  bank,  and the amount of money to be sent.   If it is correct, you can  complete the transaction.   Finally, don’t forget to click the “Cancel” button and  pick up the  card.

In addition  to  transactions using ATMs, a  code is also required if you want to  transfer to Permata  and Permata Syariah  banks via m-banking.   Similarly, if you are using SMS banking  .  The  banks  are different, but if you don’t use the code, the  transaction won’t execute automatically.

However,  due to other things,  there is  still the possibility of  obstacles.    Therefore, if the  transaction does not get in the way, you should contact the  call center  at the  appropriate  bank.   This is especially  true if you have added the bank codes of Permata and Permata Syariah, but the  transaction is still not processed.

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