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The UOB call center feature  is a service that can be used both by customers and non-customers to get accurate information about the banking world. So the public can choose information more accurately from reliable sources.

This feature is made to help customers and non-customers so as not to be entangled in fraud motives on behalf of the bank concerned. So do not digest a news raw, call the consumer’s call to get the correct clarification from the bank.

In addition to helping clients avoid fraud problems, consumer service calls also have several other functions. If you have a complaint or problem with the relevant bank then just contact the bank by using the consumer call feature.

Features like this must be utilized because until now there are still not many people aware of its advantages. By harboring a problem, the bank cannot know and solve the problem. So this feature must be used by customers when experiencing complaints.

Complaint Process Using UOB Call Center Feature

To make a complaint when there is a banking problem both administrative and non-administrative can be done easily. The following is a complaint method that is in accordance with the procedures of the bank. Use this feature if you find complaints in banking activities.

You can contact the UOB call center on 14008, this service is open for 24/7 so when there is a problem whenever it is immediately reported. Report in detail what complaints you have experienced so that the bank can deal with the problem as soon as possible.

After the customer reports the complaint, the bank will immediately follow up on the problem. This process will be carried out immediately because UOB prioritizes customer comfort. So after you do the reporting of the problem you will be investigated immediately.

When the problem has been discovered, the next stage is an investigation from the bank. This investigation process usually takes relative time depending on the complexity of the problem. It could be that the investigation process can be completed in one day when the problem that occurs is easily solved.

After the bank gets a meeting point on the problem, the customer will be contacted immediately. If the customer agrees with the settlement method from the bank, the problem will be declared complete. But what if the customer is not satisfied with the results provided by the bank.

If the customer is still not satisfied with the settlement offered by UOB, it can mediate with BI or OJK. By utilizing this mediation, it is hoped that the problems experienced by customers can be solved efficiently. So no more parties feel aggrieved by the incident.

In addition to UOB Call Center, Reporting Complaints Can Be Via Email

This complaint feature using email will be very helpful if you are abroad. By using email, wherever you are, you can still report various complaints. The reporting process is also very fast because there is already its own server for email complaints.

If you want to use the email feature as an alternative to the UOB call center then just send a message to the UOBCare@uob.co.id. Without the need to wait a long time the email will be responded to by the bank immediately. So it is not much different from using conventional reporting methods.

The email feature can also be an alternative when you experience complex problems. Attaching proof data will be easier by using email because you can send image or video files as evidence. So the bank will be easier to investigate the problem.

If the customer is cooperative and provides a complete complaint report, the handling process can also be faster. You may also not need to come to a branch office if you can attach enough data to support complaints of the problem.

As a bank that prioritizes the convenience of its customers, UOB will try its best to solve various problems. So you don’t have to be afraid to report the problem that is being experienced. The bank is guaranteed to be able to solve the problem.

Not Only Giving Promises But UOB Is Able to Prove Its Performance

To prove his concern for customer complaints is not only provided with the UOB call center feature. The bank takes seriously to solve every problem and there is always a concrete report of the case. Even customers can see directly the report of handling problems.

If you open the complaint page on the official website of the UOB bank, at the bottom of the website will be listed the publication of case handling. The page contains data about cases experienced by customers. The percentage of handling cases is relatively high because it reaches 90 percent more.

Maybe other banks are only able to make promises but UOB provides evidence of handling performance. They are not afraid to show if there is indeed an unfinished case. It is proven that in 2019 there are cases that can only be completed in 2020. This is proof that the bank is committed to solving the problem.

UOB call center is the first gate that connects customers with the bank. If the customer does not use this gate then the problem will not be resolved quickly. Therefore, whatever complaints you feel when using this bank immediately report it.

The bank greatly appreciates the complaint reports from customers. The report can be used as a reflection to continue to improve services as much as possible for customers. Without a report, the relevant parties will not be able to correct errors in the agency.

If you have problems taking advantage of the consumer call feature, email, or come directly to the nearest branch office. The relevant parties will be happy to accommodate and resolve the matter. So consumer comfort can be maintained so that the reputation of the bank can be maintained properly.

Avoid Fraud Cases by Utilizing UOB Call Center

Some criminal cases on behalf of a bank are currently rife. As a wise client, of course, you must confirm every information. Do not be too easily tempted by sweet words from accomplished fraudsters who want to drain the wallet.

The number of fraud cases occurs because not a few customers underestimate the importance of consumer services. They are reluctant to confirm and end up caught in the trap of criminals. In fact, by making consumer calls it can be prevented.

In addition, the victims are also not a little reluctant to report crimes that occur to them. In fact, with the reports from the victims, the bank can collaborate with law enforcement officials to handle the criminal case.

Without reports from related victims, it will be very difficult for the bank to handle. So make the best use of the features that have been provided by the bank for the convenience of the community. Reporting fraud on behalf of a bank is commendable.

In fact, you can get appreciation for using this feature to prevent more victims. Wouldn’t it be better if you participated in preventing the next victim? Community banking activities will also be healthier with the conscious activity of reporting.

Do not underestimate the consumer call feature from the bank. Any kind of report you will be accommodated and also investigated immediately. So to create a good banking atmosphere use the UOB call center feature  to report all kinds of financial and non-financial complaints.

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