TeknoBGT: Volume License Service Center, Information You Must Know

If you are a user of Microsoft products then you should know the details of information related to volume license service center (VLSC). The term is known as something you can use to help you improve performance through applications or features that are available for free to download.

As you know that in Indonesia Microsoft products are almost used by all laptop users. This product that has been present for a long time has never lost its presence among the community, ranging from students, students to those who have worked.

This is because the software used is very easy to use and helps the job very well. However, did you know if downloading the software turns out to have a Volume License Service Center so that you can enjoy it in the long run?

As is the case in general, the more widely used, the higher the possibility of the product being sold cheaply. Even though every software downloaded from retail product results, there will be differences in terms of performance and updates received.

What is Microsoft Volume Licensing?

The first thing is that you should know apa that Volume License Service Center. VLSC is an official website by Microsoft that you can use to download and install software to complete the perfection of your gadget performance such as a laptop that you often use to work.

If using VLSC then on the Microsoft site you will not only be able to download for free or order the software provided by Microsoft but will also get the access key. The access key will be useful to make you download for free.

In volume license service center there are several types of software that you can download for free. This is certainly very suitable and useful for those of you who are currently in a nonprofit organization and a Foundation. But it is also adjusted to the number of licenses obtained by each Foundation and organization.

The first software that you can download for free is Office Multi-Language Packs.  This software will give you an office package that has many languages through Insurance Software. Next nyes you can also get service packs for free which is the latest revision of a software.

Your advantages when you already have VLSC then you can also download the previous software from the previous version. This will provide excellent benefits for your organization and foundation. As is well known that the price of official software from Microsoft is certainly very expensive.

However, you need to pay attention if there are several software products offered and not on the download list, then immediately to consult with the right to use the product. This is to determine whether the product is available or not and allowed or not in accordance with your access.

How to Download Software Available on VLSC

This method will be very useful when you already have a Volume License Service Center.  The first thing you should do is you have to log in to your VLSC account. Then select the download feature and keys from the available navigation bar. When choosing this feature, all products in your donation will appear.

Then find the product you want to download. Click on the ‘download’ option associated with the product. There will be options on several download methods, languages, and also types of operations. Choose according to what you want or you can choose one of the recommendations by Microsoft, namely a download manager or web browser.

The right choice will result in appropriate performance. But if you choose one that is in accordance with Microsoft recommendations such as download manager, then you need to download the application first. Next you can click download on the down arrow icon that is directly below your product.

Then a selection of storage locations will appear. Keep it in a place where you caneasilyremember it. Repeat the same steps to download other files. If you use the download manager, the application will open and the download process will start.

In the download manager you will easily see the progress and status at the top of the window. Whenever you want to pause, pause, and continue at a later time you can do it in the available options section. So the use of download manager is very useful in the future.

Some products will require an installation code that you must enter. The code will appear after the Volume License Service Center download page has been completed in the download process. Then enter the appropriate installation code so that you can then use the software.

Guide in Vlsc Product Use

If you are part of a loyal customer of Microsoft licenses then reading guidebooks both online and offline is very important to you. It is also very helpful if you are not experienced in the field of operating a software so as to avoid damage.

Microsoft itself has released official guidelines that can be used as a volume license service center. In the guide in full will be explained Step step. Not only how to use it, information related to account details, product downloads and others can also be found there.

You can simplify the process of managing multiple license numbers, as well as valid business emails and IDs for live Windows accounts that are useful for registration. The steps given will make it easier for you to also track and manage some license numbers given by Microsoft.

In addition, the Volume Lisence Service Center also contains program guides provided by Microsoft regarding its license, as well as online service guides, and information related to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you if when using it some questions arise in your mind.

Difference of VLSC Products with Other Products

Some of you already know that Microsoft products are not cheap. This is because the official product is designed as well as possible to support the speed of your work in everyday life. But it turns out that there are still retail products that you can get cheaply even at no cost.

Retail products or retail products are software from Microsoft that will be sold to you in units. In fact, if you have a Volume License Service Center then you will be given several offers related to the package you buy according to the price you provide.

However, how to distinguish between retail products and microsoft original products? There are some products that you can only get officially from VLSC, if some parties claim to sell the product then it is certain that the product will be fake.

Furthermore, there are different configuration differences in some applications on the desktop, especially Office. If you buy retail products then you cannot use the older version, and the language used is also limited and cannot be used as a family product.

In addition, some licensed products will provide more specific product usage rights than if you use retail products. Retail products can only be upgraded from the business version only and not the home version by windows. Some people find this a little annoying.

Although you have to spend a little more money than retail products, but you will get long-term benefits if you have a license. This is why having a Volume License Service Center will provide advantages to be free on the saddle.

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