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Batik Air Call Center can be contacted 24 hours a day

The Batik Air Call Center is a service that helps customers get information and lodge complaints. The development of technology allows an industry to establish good communication with its customers. The improvement of services further raises the quality of airlines.

Through the call center, customers will be able to make phone calls with various needs. Customers can request information on the basis of flights or lodge a complaint about the service received from the airline. This communication will motivate the airline to achieve the complementarity of the services provided for a later evaluation.

Call center staff plays an important role in building good communication with customers. They must have sufficient knowledge in the field of geography, such as the route of the flight zone to the time zone. Employees should understand the route through which the aircraft will pass and the division of time zones.

Not at all there, the employees wanted to know the airfares and other services offered by the airline. Employees should know in detail about the flight ticket starting from the price, how to book, how to change the departure schedule, and how to cancel the ticket.

The most important thing to master the call center staff is good communication skills. Staff should be able to understand customer requests or complaints. They must provide information or solutions in an appropriate, effective, and efficient way of speaking.

The communication skills at the disposal of the staff after making a call with the Batik Air Call Center will give customers satisfaction. Because, customers want an explanation of the information or solutions associated with a complaint. If the communication skills of the staff are poor, it will frustrate the customers.

About Batik Air Airlines

Bathik Air is a subsidiary of lion air, a private airline. The subsidiary operates in the entire service segment. It became operational for the first time on May 3, 2013. The first route was from Jakarta to Manado and Balikpapan.

Batik Air was formed by Lion Air as it could not accommodate the surge in adding passengers. Therefore, the company established a new airline. The company brought 5 Boeing 737 aircraft to the new airline to cope with the increasing number of passengers.

The airline has flight routes to 59 destinations at home and abroad. The airline arrives in Sumatra from Kalimantan, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua and Sulawesi islands. In foreign territory from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam to Saudi Arabia.

Initially, only 10 Boeing 737-900 ER aircraft were in service. So far, 74 flights have been operated. The planes owned are the Airbus A320-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-8 and Boeing 737-9.

Although it has a subsidiary status, the facilities provided are not less competitive than the parent company. One of the  facilities  is the Bathik Air Call Centre, which can accommodate customer complaints and provide solutions  to them. It can also transmit information asked by customers.

Services provided by Batik Air

Bathik Air is classified as a great airline. He has won many awards such as the ISSA. This award in the field of passenger safety standards was presented by IATA in January 2016. This award is classified as a good award.

The next award is the ISO standard. It obtained the ISO 9001:2005 license as an airline with the best delay management. As a private airline, this award proves excellent management. Not all private airlines can win this award.

In addition to winning awards, it has many advantages in the services it offers. The airline with economy and business classes offers different facilities. The airline, which is offered at a lower price, has television screens, snacks and spacious luggage.

In terms of amenities and infrastructure, this airline has an independent maintenance centre called Batam Aerotechnic. In addition, the company also provides housing for employees ranging from ground crew to flight crew. Although it only has the status of a private company, Bathik Air can provide a wide range of facilities.

Bathik Air continues to build facilities that support the aviation business. These facilities include training buildings, hotels and plazas. Moreover, an airline delivery service called Lion Parcel was also created. The airline continues to make improvements and construction of facilities to improve services.

Batic Air differs from Lion Air, which often engages in air accidents. This airline is safer compared to the parent company, so it has many customers.   The Batik Air Call Center is one of the services created to establish a good relationship with customers.

How to get in touch with Batik Air Call Center

The Batik Air Call Center can be contacted through various channels. One of them is going directly to the Head Office. The office is located at The Batik Air Head Office, Lion Air Tower and JL Gaja Mada No. 7 Central Jakarta.

In addition to being able to come to the head office, you  can also contact the Batik Air Call Center  via email, social media or phone number. The airline’s email customercare@batikair.com. The telephone numbers of the head office are 080 4177 8899 and 021-6379 8000.

In addition to the head office, you can also search for branch offices in your city. Each branch office has a phone number if you are reluctant to come to the office. The airline’s branches mostly spread across Indonesia. You can easily find a branch office.

The customer can contact the Batik Air Call Center even if they are abroad . Customers can still request information or file a complaint about the airline’s service. These benefits provide convenience to the customers.

Key facts about The Batik Air Call Center

There are a number of things to keep in mind about The Bat IKAir Call Center. First, the service takes credit. This means that you must have credit on your phone before making a call to the call center. If you don’t have credit, you can make calls via landline.

The Batik Air Call Center is available within 24 hours and on holidays. If you need information or want to make a complaint outside of working hours, you can do so by phone. The response will be provided by the staff quickly and friendlyly.

You  can contact the Batik Air Call Center to get information on flight fares, flight routes on certain dates or days, how to book and pay flight tickets, how to change the departure schedule, and how to cancel flight tickets  .

In addition to getting the information, customers  can also file complaints at the Batik Air Call Centre. The  complaints usually filed are high ticket prices, difficulty in booking tickets, delay issues and difficulty in converting departure schedules to ticket cancellations.

Customers can request information through the call centre. In addition, customers can also file complaints about the services they receive from airlines.  Customers will get a solution after contacting  the Batik Air Call Center. The staff will provide a quick and friendly response.

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