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Use the BNI call centre quickly to solve banking problems

To obtain information relating to bank accounts, account holders  can access the BNI call centre.BNI is a tenth Based on a solid foundation that has been formed for years, he seeks to preserve the satisfaction of his clients by providing the best service of all time.

The commitment to providing the best service for customers is always maintained and they continue to support innovation and development in service facilities Choosing a variety of services, products, and assistance is designed to facilitate customer service; BNI supports all customer needs Instead, they struggled to give.

When faced with problems with savings accounts or other banking products, the solution is to go directly to the branch office. Online services can also be used or called hotline, which can be  used for quick help when pressing the  BNI call center.

This help service is a solution to overcome the various banking problems  associated with all customer  services. Information on banking goods, such as savings accounts, loans, and telephone banking, can be consulted.

You can use a hotline, fax or email.  Ask a  variety of questions about the services of experienced and friendly customers. For more information about this work, please refer to the following statement:

BNI call center intended for customers

There are still a lot of people who are still reluctant to use call centers because they think they will take the time to queue up at branch offices, and some think that only priority customers can access this information and helpline,

Every account holder has the same rights access to the service because it is intended for all customers.Both individuals and organisations use Active customers with accounts and credit cards can use this help service when there are questions or face problems.

Both savings accounts, credit and debit card disruptions, or issues with buildings such as the Internet and mobile banking. password Even problems such as forgetting  can be complained to the call center and will help you deal with them immediately.  You can access BNI call center  services

  1. The owner or account holder is accompanied by an ATM (Debit) card.
  2. The customer is recorded on the list of members of the phone banking industry.The customer has registered a mobile phone number for banking services.
  3. Credit card holder customers.
  4. Special accountants of Taplus Bisnick, Giro and other institutions
  5. on the record of the organization or the business community.

So be free to use the reserve center’s services because all account holders have the same rights, if you really need help and the credit is If you  really need  questions about cards, credit cards, iBanking, M banking or other facilities,  call the 24-hour hotline.

Help for customers at BNI call centre

As noted above, the presence of a center to provide assistance and information can help you find solutions to your various banking problems. Being a connection between them is the  main function of a 24-hour hotline; you can get information related to your account as well as access other services:

  1. Reporting the loss of credit cards or the loss of credit cards as well as foreclosure.
  2. Change or restore a fraction of your phone banking building.
  3. Blocking both debt and debt
  4. Knowing a variety of BNI product information, such as accounts, current accounts, mortgages, loans.
  5. Find out more information about credit card facilities and features.
  6. Balance the last five transactions with information.
  7. Transfer funds between account partners and banks at BNI.
  8. Bank transfers with Rtgs service.
  9. Paying a variety of expenses, such as credit card bills or payments.
  10. Ask for information on credit card transactions.

These are some help  you can get by accessing  the BNI call  centre: 24-hour quick access can help customers at any time Services are provided free of charge with friendly and good information services.

This single-aid center is certainly very helpful to customers because it is available at all  times, but this call center  service Use it when you really need it, because you  often have to wait in line  to access  the  hotline.

How to contact the BNI call center service

Account holders who receive banking problems or want information use the landline or mobile 1500046 number or (021) 30500046 This phone number can be used from home or abroad. According to the operator, taxes are the issue.

Telephone lines are  not the only way  to use  the help desk, and fax (021) to Face (021) or 25541203 electronic emails. Visit the  page for help through other hotlines  provided by the BNI.  When using Hotline services, the BNI call center’s fast  service You don’t have to wait for automatic information to be completed, you can choose it immediately. The following will save time and accelerate the solution.

  1. After hearing the operator’s voice 0: 1, call the available Hotline when you want information about your savings account. 0 – 2 Regular credit card information Information on credit card features and facilities.
  2. Print 1 if you want to use English. Use balanced information using 1-1 keys. 1: Access information in the last 5 businesses of the month.
  3. Print 2: 1 for card blocking and credit card losses for credit card losses.
  4. 3 – 3: 2 Print to change the recall services. 3 – 1: 1: 1: 1 when you want to borrow a credit card balance.

The operator will request access to a credit card number before they can access banking product information. Meanwhile, the report contains the account number, Z After answering these questions, you will be asked a variety of questions, such as the name of your mother and the last balance (not just the exact distance you remember).

Benefits of BNI call centre for account holders

The ease of getting information and help in handling problems is provided for customer welfare because the bank Nigera Indo Because Neil became an assistant in search of solutions to the various sales problems that always helped account holders get information.

Concerns about saving money, making loan payments, easy monitoring of savings accounts and providing a sense of security when making investments It will make it easier for customers to remove worries, and friendly and polite service can also address customer concerns in the face of problems.

In addition to the various services associated with banking products, mutual funds, exchange rates, exchange rates, and a variety of other services  are also accessible by contacting  the BNI resolution call center.

As a state-owned financial institution mandated to help the wellbeing of the people, BNI always gets the best service to customers Direct service is accessible by all customers  via the help hotline. In particular, the BNI call center  Various information relating to bank accounts is conducted and solutions are provided if a problem occurs.

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