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About Yenis, Jenius Call Center, Benefits and Amenities

In this article, we will discuss the Jenius Call Center and what are the advantages of Jenius himself. Jenius is actually a digital banking application in which this application can help you with various financial activities, such as saving, making deals with financial management.

In the completely digital era, everything becomes easy, even if you  need to do it from one place, namely from a smartphone or smartphone, which is already based on iOS or Android. Jenius is an application that Bank BTPN introduced in 2016 and is growing to this day.

This program can even be connected to the national banking ecosystem and international payment systems using Visa debit cards and national payment gateways or GPN. Many are greatly helped by the existence of this genius, since it is a program that is considered wise to manage finances.

Many are looking for information about the Jenius Call Center only to get information related to its features. Indeed, this one application facilitates banking activities, where you can send money, pay bills, save money so that you can make deposits only using a smartphone, which makes it very practical.

What are the benefits of using Jenius?

Like the discussion that has just taken place, where this application really facilitates someone’s banking activities, since all operations can only be made using a smartphone.   This will not have time to develop technologies that are becoming more and more complex every day, so you will not have to personally come or stand in line at the bank.

There are many amenities that you  can get  with the help  of  only one account, you can already enjoy various operations.  Starting with  depositing funds, withdrawing without visiting a bank or ATM.  So it’s very practical in conditions that  are more conducive to being at home  like  the current  pandemic.

Jenius himself has several types of cards, namely an m-card, an e-card and an x-card.  The e-card itself is a virtual card that is more like a credit card. If the m-card type is a type of card for active balances or main account balances and x cards that  are almost similar to m-cards, they can be used for transactions and cash withdrawals, but there is a daily shopping limit.

The types of jenius savings are also different, namely Flexi saver, Dream Saver and Maxi saver, so that you can choose or adapt to your needs. For more information, it is advisable to contact the Yenis Call Center. This digital card also provides a number of advantages,  including:

  1. No transfer fees, although different banks
  2. Grat is a cash withdrawal at an ATM
  3. Can easily open an account  , namely via the Internet, which makes it very simple and practical
  4. There are no administration fees, so every month the balance remains safe
  5. Can be used abroad, as The Yen is included in the Visa network

The most common questions about the Yenis through CS services

At the height of such a pandemic, it is recommended to be inside the house so that all types of operations can be performed online. Thus, genius can be used as a solution when you want to make deals or open a new account, but even in this case, there are still many people who feel unfamiliar about the process.

There aresome people who contact the Jenius Call Center service  for details. There are some frequently asked questions, such as how to replenish the balance, how to see the account number and what are the different types of savings, namely Flexi saver, Dream saver and Maxi saver.

To replenish the balance is actually very simple, you can make a transfer from another bank by entering the bank’s BTPN code, which is 213, then your Yenis account number and mobile phone number registered in Jenius. You can check your mobile phone number and account number using the Jenius app in the profile menu.

Many wonder if you can get a permission book, the Jenius app itself does not directly provide a permission booklet, but an email statement or current account, which you can even access every month through the app’s profile and settings, or  you can  also use the Jenius call center service.

You can download  the app from the Play Store or app store and can be customized to the smartphone you’re using, whether it’s android-based or iOS-based. When it comes to different types of savings, you can use Flexi saver as an emergency fund or deposit that provides flexibility for withdrawals or deposits.

As for the dream saver, you can use it to save on a specific goal that you will achieve in the future. The last is the Maxi server, where you can make time deposits. Of the three types of savings, you can choose which one suits your needs.

 Features  of a  very useful program

Using this banking application, you can manage all debit card activities from the card center menu. In fact, you can also change the daily withdrawal limit or transaction expense limit for each jenius debit card, as there is a function called the exchange limit to give your finances more control.

Without contacting the Yenis call center, you can change the pin,  block it and unblock it  again  and write a history of operations.   So later, although there is no physical edition booklet, you can see the transaction using  a digital card or debit card.

This digital card is even connected to the national ATM network and the Visa network around the world.  So you don’t need to update anything else , to make deals at home  or abroad.   It is not surprising , that many are interested in opening this debit account.

After opening an account, the debit card will be sent by the bank to the registered address.   If you are in Jabodetabeke, you can get your debit card for 2 days during business hours  and later, you can get it within 7 days  of business hours  from the moment you submitted the request to create the card mentioned above.

If you haven’t received your debit card more than the stated general deadline, you should contact The Yenis customer service or call center immediately  for more information. It is through the call center that you can find out the status of sending a debit card.

How doI access  the Information and Restrictions Help Center?

When there is a problem, you can contact the call center or the maintenance of the CTPN by phone 1500 300 or by an international call by phone +62 21 2450 5500. Using the Jenius hotline or the call center  service, you can consult both ways in order to immediately receive treatment about the problems that have arisen.

If you don’t have the option to call the number above, you can send an email to customer service address. In the meantime, for general information about Yeen debit cards, you can contact

Just a suggestion, when you create a PIN code for a Jenius debit card, you should use a different PIN for ATMs and applications.  This is just a precautionary measure  to make  transactions  safer, and there are minimal obstacles that require you to contact the  Yenis call center.

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