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The UOB call center is certainly very useful for its users.   UOB is just such an old bank, although most people in some areas do not know it,  and the  name  is already popular  in large cities, which  was first established in 1956.

From that year, calculated on August 31, he will be 65 years old. With this long life, there are many people who use themselves. The employees alone number more than 3,000 people. This means that development is already visible in many ways. The banking world is really complicated.

This complexity often causes a variety of problems for customers. This problem needs to be resolved quickly. As a customer, it will be difficult for you because it is not easy to know the banking world itself. Therefore, it may be the best choice to contact the UOB Call Center  .


Call centers can help in many ways. This is because the CS, who handles the call center, has followed a long training. A long training gave him an excellent knowledge of call centers. This will provide an appropriate response to any questions and complaints from consumers.

It is very easy to call the UOB call center yourself and you need to call the customer by phone and call 14008, UOB’s official  number  for customer service,  which operates 24 hours a day and allows you to contact him at any time.

But when contacted, there is a rate perLU. The rates themselves  are not certain.   It depends on the provider the consumer uses, whose price will rise and the costs involved will also increase. To reduce costs, it is a good decision to connect via the fixed line.

It’s really cheap to contact the  UOB call center  from  the  landline  , as each month the cost of a landline is fixed so customers don’t have to spend more. While it’s easy, the cost is often higher for consumers when numbers are asked.

Therefore, there is another option in the form of joining the service via chat. Customers can contact UOB’s official email  to use the service, the official email itself at the UOB address, but email communication is clearly different from telephone communication.

When you contact the UOBCall Center  by email  , you’ll have to wait for an answerer to make it easier, be sure to make questions clearer for chronology, making it easier for providers to give customers the best answers they need, and the speed  at which the answer comes will  certainly benefit you.


The main feature of the call center is customer complaints. When contacted, there are claims that customers can pay for the damage they felt. However, contacting the call center does not mean that the damage cannot be paid immediately. There is a regulation that must first be approved.

Let’s take it as an example when transferring a certain amount. For example, transfer 100 million rupees of money to colleagues. However, there is a notification of failed transfer. When checking the balance, it is clear that the balance for this amount has been reduced.

When this happens,  customers can contact the UOB Call Center, where they will first communicate with CS, where they will hear complaints from CS and ask some questions, and when everything is complete, they will follow the complaint.

During the handling of the complaint, the CS will refer the case to the area concerned. The sector concerned will examine why the balance can be reduced if the delivery does not take place. The reason for the decrease in the balance will be known. In principle, this happens in the event of an error in the system.

If the problem is indeed a problem with  the system, the  UOB call center  will  apologize to the consumer when it sends an explanation of the results of the investigation. Details of the results of the study will be sent via email, phone and SMS to various media outlets. The message  states that uob agrees with complaints from consumers.

With this agreement, the consumer gets back the lost 100 million. After the money is returned, the customer can check the balance and make sure the money actually comes in. If entered, the claim process is completed and customers can perform their activities as usual.


In the event of an error caused by the system, any complaint will  be approved by UOB and will be given via a direct official message, but if there is a problem with negligence on the part of the customer, the bank will reject the offer. This refusal will  be communicated directly  by the  UOBCall Centre.

Of course, his denial was not carried out informally. He will give a clear reason to deny the complaint. When you experience this rejection, there are many options for customers to choose from. You stay there for sure that the first option has personally made mistakes.

However, if you feel that nothing went wrong, the customer can file more complaints. For these types of cases, the call center will also give direction to the next phase of complaints. In the complaint, the consumer can do this directly to two official bodies.

The first official institution is BI. Bank Indonesia to receive complaints about the payment system. The payment system itself varies to fund credit cards, ATMs, wire transfers. The problem is that, as in this case, the balance of 100 million has been lost and a complaint can be filed with the BI.

However, complaints can be submitted to both BI and OJK. OJK is dedicated to the Financial Services Authority itself. OJK handles consumer complaints. The complaints themselves range from current accounts, savings and credits. He can also contact him for further complaints.

However, Bi and OJK are the final stages of the complaint. When the two make a decision, the UOB and the customer must agree and accept that the problem will be resolved here and that there will be no further problems between the two. Contact the call center, which will clarify the guidelines.


There are several issues that need to be contacted in the UOB call center, one of which relates to debit cards, one of which is the most common problem for customers in the form of a soaked debit card, which occurs because it often takes too long to enter the card or enter the PIN.

In addition, if you have any questions about the banking world, you can contact the call center. This question can encompass anything. Upon enquiry by the call center, the CS will provide a detailed explanation of the question. Of course, CS’s answer is more satisfying than searching for answers for itself on the Internet.

Contacting cs about various matters does not have to be postponed. His presence is seen as a guide for customers. At the same time, if you really feel that difficulty, find a way out through the call center. After all,  the task of contacting the UOB Call Center  is not easy and expensive.

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